Why another school?

There are a number of good Bible schools in the UK, so why start a new one?

First of all, excellence matters. One driving motive for establishing Hermeneia is to make available the same kind of high-quality Bible training that has distinguished The Master’s Seminary in California since the 1980s. Studying the Bible deserves our best efforts, and so it is our ambition to set the bar high, and encourage students to rigorously pursue the excellence that the subject-matter demands.

Secondly, hermeneutics matters. We have a conviction that a literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic* is the bedrock on which a solid approach to the exegesis of Scripture can be built. It is also our conviction that it is only this kind of sound exegesis that provides a safe foundation for the kind of expository preaching churches need. However, it’s not only preachers that engage in hermeneutics and exegesis. Whether you are hoping to teach God’s word, or simply studying it for yourself and your family, the hermeneutic you adopt can radically change the way in which you understand and benefit from the Bible.

Thirdly, godliness matters. We are convinced that students should grow in godliness while they grow in their knowledge of the Bible. Our commitment is to focus not only on academic study, but also on the personal growth and disciplines of every student, with the hope that knowledge does not puff up, but rather humbles and yet equips students for a lifetime of service.

*Our convictions that the literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic is necessary means we are aiming to teach students to understand the Bible in its context without spiritualising what would have been intended as literal. This means avoiding using allegory or typology as a major interpretive method. Instead, the Bible is allowed to speak for itself, and the aim is to arrive at the intent of the author in the historical situation in which the Scripture was written, using the normal rules of grammar to interpret the Bible. None of this prevents us from acknowledging that by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit human authors did at times use figurative language, types, literary genres, and even allegory to convey the message that God wanted written down.

Why start with Bible survey instead of starting with systematic theology?

Understanding the systems of theology found in God’s word is important for every Christian. But how we come to conclusions about what the Bible teaches under each topic of systematic theology is also critical. We believe that systematic theology should not dictate how we read the Bible, but rather that by getting a proper understanding of the content and flow of Scripture, a Christian will be better placed to study systematic theology. Because of this priority of Bible knowledge, studies at Hermeneia begins with Bible Survey class so that each student can first understand the content of Scripture in its context. It is from that foundation that students will be sufficiently prepared to trace the common themes regarding core doctrines of the Bible in later classes.

How much time will I need to plan to commit to class?

The Bible Survey class will meet once a month on a Saturday. Each day of class will begin at 8:00am with a chapel session. At 9:00am, the lectures in Bible survey will begin. The day will end with fifty minutes devoted to instruction on discipleship.

Outside of class, approximately 400 hours of work will be required over the ten months of the course. This breaks down to approximately 7 to 10 hours per week or approximately 40 hours per month.

How much does it cost to enroll in the Bible Survey Class?

The full tuition is £1000.00 for the class. This is £100.00 per month over the ten months of the class. Contact Hermeneia office for more info regarding payment plans.

Can I do it all at a distance?

No. It is important for students to not only have the opportunity to study the Bible but to interact with the instructor in regards to what is taught in the lectures as well as what each student is reading in the Bible. Therefore, students must be able to attend and participate in the class. Distance learning is not offered at this time.

Is accommodation provided?

No. Accommodation is not provided for students. Each student must arrange their own place to stay if they are coming from a distance that requires them to stay closer to the chapel the evening before and/or the the evening of class.

How do I apply?

Applications are provided via hard copy at GraceLife London’s ‘Welcome Table’ or can be requested via email (info@hermeneia.org). They are to be submitted back to the office of Hermeneia located in the GraceLife London offices at Woodbridge Chapel with a £50.00 nonrefundable application fee.

NOTE: Any applicant who is not a member of GraceLife London must have their pastor fill out a ‘Pastoral Reference’ form as well.

How are assignments submitted and graded?

All assignments will be submitted and graded electronically.

What interaction is available with the teachers?

It is imperative that students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback throughout the duration of the course. Therefore, each student will have a tutor assigned to them who will interact with them while they are in the course as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructor at times in the lectures.

Do I have to have a computer and internet access?

Yes. All of the assignments and most of the material given to students will be given electronically. This includes the course outline and lecture notes. Because of this, a person must have a computer and internet access to participate in and complete the course. Laptop computer is preferred for all classes and necessary for most.

Do I have to attend induction?

Induction will be a critical part of getting started and established in the Bible Survey class. The induction day will also be an interest meeting for those who have yet to commit to attending the class. As stated above, the assignments for the first class will be given on this day as well as important information necessary to know how to use the online platform including submission of assignments.

What will be expected for the first class?

There are assignments due by the first day of class. These assignments and the assignment schedule for the duration of the class will be given on the day of induction. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they have these assignments so that they can be completed on time and according to the instructor’s standards.

Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held at Woodbridge Chapel, the home of GraceLife London located in Central London.